Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Unpleasant experience

So, last month I saw a number of UFOs in the sky. I eventually tore myself away from the spectacle to get my video camera. Besides the triangular UFO (which I did not get on film) I also saw an orange orb hovering over a corn field (below the tree line). I decided to tell the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and thus wrote a detailed report and sent it in, along with some video clips of what I saw. I was later contacted by an investigator form a local MUFON branch who wanted to interview me over the phone. Well, that did not work out for a while as I was more concerned with getting through college than I was with talking to this man. I also did not see much of a point to it, as I submitted such a detailed report.

Well, last night I finally talked with the man (whose name I will not disclose). He was very snarky and condescending.

He acted as though I was wasting MUFON’s time with my idiocy. He said something along the lines of “Don’t zoom in. That may look cool in the shows with the hot rods or whatever but it doesn’t help us.” Excuse me?! Oh yes Mr. Investigator, that was my first thought. “I’ll make it look cooler by emulating my dawgs with their fly whips on Pimp My Ride!” Are you kidding me?! That was condescending and discriminatory towards my age. His whole tone and manner were, as I said, as though I was wasting their time. I had better things to be doing, sir, you were wasting my time! I do not live to get MUFON earth shattering footage of UFOs thank you very much!

He wanted to record our interview. Fine, I thought, maybe that’s why he wanted to call me. As I said I did not see much point to it. Now, it seems, the whole point was to have a record of his insulting my video and telling me I just saw planes and helicopters. I am not an idiot. I have grown up near two airports and have seen airplanes and helicopters every day and night of my life. These were not planes!

All in all, he was very unpleasant and I will not be telling MUFON about anymore of my sightings (if I have any).

If you have had similar experiences with MUFON please leave a comment!


I recently had a rather unpleasant experience with The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and am wondering if anyone else has also. IF YOU HAVE, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT TO LET US ALL KNOW.